Wall stone

The product is manufactured on: STEIF VFL-0.9/8 vibropress based automatic line

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The use of wall stones allows to reduce mortar consumption during construction, reduce the load on the foundation, and reduce work time and labor costs. This type of product combines excellent mechanical characteristics with economy, allowing for the highest quality building material at an affordable price.

Vibropress “STEIF VFL-0.9 / 8” productivity (calculated for 8 hours, K = 0.85) for the product “Wall stone”:

Wall stone 390x190x188

20 sec


12 220 

Partitioning stone 390x190x88

25 sec



TULAPRESSMASH company will manufacture custom-made press dies for any type of product from this catalog. Please note that in addition to the presented standard sizes of concrete products, TULAPRESSMASH company manufactures press dies for concrete products according to the customer’s drawings (sketches).


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