STEIF trade mark – company profile

TULAPRESSMASH Group – was founded and started its operations in 1996, it is top-ranked designer and manufacturer of equipment for concrete forming. More than 100 enterprises throughout Russia, the Baltics, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan are equipped with the machinery designed and manufactured by TULAPRESSMASH Group.
A small company that placed orders for press die production at other companies, TULAPRESSMASH had become a second home for 140 employees. Now corporate structure includes many production facilities and departments: from laser cutting to the production of automated lines, from the sales team to the service division that ensures the smooth operation of our customers’ equipment.

The company’s management works with the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Tula State University in the field of “supply” of young personnel for production. Here young university graduates can gain invaluable experience and support from senior colleagues in the workshop.

Our staff numbers are growing together with our production capabilities – today production under the STEIF trademark is carried out in two modern workshops, new metal-working machines are constantly purchased. TULAPRESSMASH continues its development and expands its production capabilities. We are actively working on the reconstruction of the third workshop with modern heat treatment equipment for the production of molds.

We provide full project support, as well as organization of a new production on a turnkey basis:


manufacturing of equipment at our own production base, installation, supervision, commissioning, and manufacturing of a trial batch of products.


Located in the center of Russia, which allows for quick response to customer requests and prompt provision of warranty and maintenance customer service.

We are actively working on the implementation of large-scale projects in the field of design and production of high-quality equipment for concrete forming both in Russia and abroad.


technical examination of the existing production and development of recommendations for the creation of a new production.


designing of technical specifications for the development of technical documentation (in collaboration with the customer). Calculation, selection, design and execution of technical documentation.


 concrete mix design, development of methods, development of technological instructions for the production of vibropressed products, counseling on the issues of production organization, quality of input raw materials, etc.

Over the past years we have implemented more than 100 various projects in the field of civil and road construction, agriculture and the metallurgical industry.

  • TULAPRESSMASH employees possess advanced knowledge in their fields of expertise and have the ability to carry out individual orders
  • A highly qualified design and technological team, relying on a deep, professional knowledge of concrete forming issues, designs equipment at the world-leading level.
  • The ability to design and manufacture equipment in-house, including to individual customer requirements, expands the range of products offered.
  • Own design documentation database.
  • Availability of the necessary technical foundation strengthens the company’s competitive position in the market

We take pride in our achievements and believe that there are new pleasant events, objects and tasks lying ahead!

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