New STEIF VFL-0.6/2 block making machine was designed and is manufactured using our vast experience and advanced technology. The advantages of STEIF VFL-0.6/2 block making machine are its reliability, high automation level, efficiency and convenience of operations.

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Curbstone БР 100.30.15

paving stone 100*200*60

masonry 390*190*188




Capacity, per 8 hours

up to 2400

up to 800

up to 4000

Wood pallet sizemm1200×670
Maximum size of the molding areamm1100×620
Product heightmmFrom 40 to 300
Vibration cyclesec.From 15
ControlAutomatic, with an option of manual control
Power consumptionkW≈ 50
Weightt≈ 8


The Customer’s requirements nowadays are high productivity and minimum operating cost of the high quality equipment.

To satisfy his demand the semiautomated line based on STEIF VFL-0.6/2block making machine was designed by the Tulapressmash Company according to modern innovative solutions.

In comparison with STEIF VFL-0.9/8 block making machine all working movements of STEIF VFL-0.6/2 block making machine units are performed using tracking electric drives with speed and position feedback.


The income increase after expanding the set of equipment is possible due to the following facts:

  • The equipment is characterized by high capacity and quality at the minimum price;
  • New high technology manufacturing within 2 months;
  • Manufacturing of concrete products with high level of concrete compaction with low cement consumption;
  • Safety and reliability of the equipment based on 20 years of working experience of the company;
  • Fast investment payback;
  • Prompt maintenance of the equipment.

At the Customer’s request the lines based on STEIF VFL-0.6/2 block making machine can be equipped with a face concrete system that allows to get a multi-colored surface of the products.

  • Face concrete system with the technology of multicolored painting of the upper layer “SteifColor” (Colormix) of the original design

  • Energy-efficient electromechanical drive of matrix and punch movement
  • Powerful vibrating table of original design with the operation vibration f requency of up to 100 Hz allows you to get high-quality and high-performance compaction of products
  • Automated system of transporting and storing pallets with finished products
  • Flexible automatic control system characterized by simplicity and functionality due to absence of hydraulic drive


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