One of the important stages of project implementation is the design and high-quality installation of equipment. Experienced specialists of STEIFF are always ready to help your production and provide high-quality and timely technical support.

Approaching the task facing the customer to create an efficient production, we are ready to offer a comprehensive solution based on all available production factors. This task is solved by a complex of works, which includes the work of pre-project analysis and the development of a general concept.

We are ready to consider all possible options for the placement of equipment, both in the existing and newly organized production. Production areas and a set of technological equipment are selected on the basis of data on the required productivity and on the basis of the world’s best technological solutions.

STEIFF company performs a full range of works on installation and start-up of equipment

Installation supervision is the organizational and technical management of the installation of equipment when performing installation work by the customer’s specialists.

Commissioning is a complex of technological measures related to the preparation of equipment for the production of finished products. Commissioning works by nature and purpose are a continuation of installation work and the final link in the creation of new production facilities. After their completion, the constructed object can be submitted for commissioning.

This complex of works involves the installation, connection and start-up of the supplied equipment, as well as staff training and quality control of the work performed.

Supervision of installation and commissioning is accompanied by visits of our specialists to the facility.

The service is performed by a specialized division of the STEIFF company – the service department. Service staff – 10 people.

Our advantages

  • The STEIF company provides free and indefinite post-warranty consulting support, and at the conclusion of the contract – post-warranty service of the equipment.
  • The location of STEIF in the center of Russia allows you to quickly respond to customer requests and promptly provide warranty and customer service, which provides significant benefits from reducing equipment downtime.
  • Availability of a permanent warehouse of fast-wearing parts and consumables, the most important critical parts and assemblies, as well as the ability to quickly manufacture damaged parts on their own, it allows you to minimize the time needed to eliminate breakdowns.
  • The level of technical knowledge of highly qualified engineering and technical workers performing commissioning and testing of equipment, their accumulated work experience over many years, as well as the high quality of manufacturing and installation of equipment allow us to transfer fully functioning facilities to the customer and guarantee their long-term uninterrupted operation.


You can buy our equipment for concrete forming by leaving a request on the website or by contacting the company’s manager by phone

Equipment delivery is carried out across Russia and the CIS countries.

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