Metallurgical Raw Material Briquetting Line

STEIF specialists are engaged in the development of technology and production of an automatic briquetting line for various industries based on the STEIF VFL-0.9/8.

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The automated line based on STEIF VFL-0.9/8 block making machine was designed in such a way that you can start manufacturing and receiving income with the minimum amount of investment involved. Manufacturing facilities can be expanded in stages, including by using the income f rom the sales of the products made with the minimum set of equipment.

Since 1998, STEIF has been developing technology and manufacturing an automatic briquetting line based on the STEIF VFL-0.9/8. The company’s specialists develop technology and equipment for various industries where fine raw materials and / or production waste are used in melting units, for the normal operation of which a charge with a piece size of more than 50 mm is required.

The method of manufacturing briquettes by vibropressing has significant advantages over other methods of forming:

  • High  capacity;
  • automatization of all processes;;
  • the ability to use a large number of components and their exact dosage, which allows you to get a given chemical composition;
  • high physical and mechanical properties of the resulting briquette;
  • the ability to obtain a briquette of geometric dimensions specified by the requirements of the technology, changing these dimensions if necessary;
  • low energy consumption.

The production of metallurgical briquettes is a promising direction in the process of reducing the cost of production in metallurgy. Every year, the legal requirements for the environmental direction will become more significant.

Line capacity

The performance of the STEIF VFL-0.9/8 automatic briquette production line depends on several factors:

  • molding cycle-the equipment allows you to work at a speed of 15 seconds / cycle;
  • the specific weight of the raw material, and if several components are used simultaneously, then their ratios;
  • the stability characteristics of the raw material moisture content, particle size distribution, workability;
Parameters of briquette
Dimensionsaccording to customer
Line capacity (approximate)
At density  2000…3500 kg/cm3
Weight  from 105 kg …up to 300 kg
Molding cycle  15 sec
Capacityup to 300,000 tons of briquettes / year (depending on the size, density of the briquettes and shift work)

The automated line is designed and delivered according to requirements and demands of a certain customer. The cost of each project is calculated individually

The equipment is distinguished by a wide range of applications and is designed for making products not only for residential, road and industrial construction, but it can also be successfully used in metallurgical area for production waste disposal. In this case it concerns briquetting fine metallurgical waste for future use as a full-scale or additional source of raw materials


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