New video of the briquetting line on our YouTube channel!

Dear partners and friends!

A new video of the operation of the automatic briquetting line based on the STEIF VFL-0.6/2 brick making machine has been published on the Steif YouTube channel!

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This video shows the operation of an automatic vibrocompression line for briquetting slag into hexagonal briquettes.

  • Formation of briquettes. The work of the vibropress
  • Moving pallets with finished products in the hoist store
  • Cleaning of technological pallets. collision ready-made briquettes from technological pallets on the conveyor and transportation to the warehouse
  • Dosing of materials from bunkers by belt feeders to the batcher with further unloading of the dosed portion into the mixer skip. Loading materials from the skip into the mixer.
  • Unloading the finished mixture from the mixer onto the conveyor. Loading the mixture into the press hopper
  • Unloading finished briquettes to the warehouse

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