An automatic concrete batching plant for the production of high-quality concrete mixes is designed as several interrelated units with different functions.

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An automatic concrete batching plant for the production of high-quality concrete mixes is designed as several interrelated units with different functions.

The hopper system of the concrete batching plant:

  • Hopper volume is from 2,5 to 36 m3;
  • Number of hoppers is from 1 to 24;
  • The hopper system is equipped with a receiving hopper for unloading dump trucks, with a system of loading and distribution conveyors and with an automatic control system. Dosing conveyors are used to dispense raw materials from the hoppers and weighing is performed on a conveyor or on a mobile hopper using tensometric weighing technology.

Skip hoist

The skip hoist is used to deliver the raw materials (sand, gravel, crushed stone)
to the mixers. The original scheme for unloading the skip «with a drop-down
bottom» allows to fully empty the skip without sticking of the materials and to
avoid additional dust formation.

Control system

The control system is designed by the specialists of the Tulapressmash
Company and it requires only one operator to control all production processes

  • Mixers can have up to four discharge hatches with strong rubber seals that ensure complete
    tightness and do not require complex maintenance;
  • The mixer can be equipped with high-tech microwave humidity sensors that allow to obtain the concrete mix of the required humidity and mobility in an automatic mode;
  • Additional equipment is chemical additives dispensers, pigment dispensers, the system of winter heating of the inert materials, cement silos, air filters, airing system, compressors etc.
  • With the technical solutions and components used a concrete batching plant can be designed to meet the highest customers’ requirements.

The capacity of the produced plants is from 15 to 360 m3 per hour. Our plants are able to make highquality concrete mixes of different kinds – both ready-mix concrete and semi-dry concrete mix for block making machines.

Автоматический завод башенного типа с системой конвейеров

Specialists of the design department of the Tulapressmash Company will offer several options for placing equipment depending on the characteristics of the space, communications, the purpose of concrete and the availability of related equipment.

Plants vary by the type of construction: vertical (tower type) and horizontal types.

The main advantages of the tower type plants are:

  • enhancing the capacity by means of loading the inert materials straight to the scales without wasting time on the work of the work of the transporters;
  • reducing the production space by two times;
  • less wear due to the small number of moving parts;
  • significant energy saving which is spent to ensure the operation of conveyors and other units in horizontal plants;
  • aggregates are unloaded from the inert storage compartments through vibrating feeders that optimize the unloading process and allow to reach maximum dosing precision. The aggregates flow from the dispensers directly into the mixers.

Система бункеров с питателями

Horizontal arrangement of the concrete batching plant units is more typical.
A lot of projects of this kind have been designed by the specialists of the Tulapressmash Company

Взвешивающая тележка для инертных




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