Molds for curbstones

Please note that in addition to the presented standard sizes of concrete products, TULAPRESSMASH company manufactures press dies for concrete products according to the customer’s drawings (sketches).


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  • The use of a curb (side) stone allows you to prevent the blurring of roadsides, slopes, and the roadway. Their use is especially recommended when sidewalks are decorated with paving slabs. Curbs, thus, act as a link between the various elements of the structure of the pavement.
  • In addition to the main purpose, curbs can also be used to decorate paths, lawns, parking lots, tram tracks and other elements of street infrastructure.
  • The curb stone produced by the method of vibropressing has not only practical functions. Side stones are widely used for street decoration, and the variation of stones of different colors allows you to significantly decorate the urban space.


The method of semi-dry vibropressing makes it possible to produce road and sidewalk curbs that can serve up to a dozen years and meet the necessary characteristics. They will be strong, durable and resistant to all types of impacts and loads. Concrete structures made using this technology are very popular among builders.

Productivity (calculated in 8 hours, K=0.85) on the example of a vibration press “STEIF VFL-0.9/8” for the product “On-board stone”:

Камень бортовой БР 50.20.8 25 sec м.п. 5 870
Камень бортовой БР 100.30.15 25 sec шт. 2 940

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