Paving slabs

Please note that in addition to the presented standard sizes of concrete products, TULAPRESSMASH company manufactures press dies for concrete products according to the customer’s drawings (sketches).


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The use of paving slabs has several advantages:

  • Aesthetic appearance. The slabs’ thickness, texture and color may vary, which gives them the widest range of application possibilities, from paving of the city sidewalks to design experiments in the countryside houses.
  • Durability. Paving slabs can withstand heavy mechanical loads. They possess high frost resistance without deformations or cracking at low temperatures. Concrete paving slabs are resistant to any types of weather.
  • Environmentally friendly. No harmful contaminants are used for the production of paving slabs, and no carcinogenic substances are emitted during their heating. Also, unlike asphalt, they do not have an unpleasant odor. The heating temperature of the slab surface is much lower and it does not melt in hot weather.
  • Easy to maintain and repair. Paving slabs are very easy to maintain. All that is needed is rinsing them with water, which then flows into the cracks between the slabs, leaving them clean and dry. Elements of paving slabs are easy to replace, moreover, they are suitable for multiple application.
  • Cost-effectiveness. No expensive equipment is required to prepare the surface and lay paving slabs.

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